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Quantity Surveying

What is quantity surveying? Quantity surveying is process by which a consultant prepares accurate costings and evaluations of a building project, first advising the owner on the most economical way to achieve their goals, and then supervising the project through to its completion to ensure those goals are met.

Quantity surveying is one of those niche consultancy services that actually save clients a lot of money. Apart from assessing the plans, evaluating quantity and cost of materials, as well as incorporating the cost of legal processes to be followed, ( council requirements, inspections etc, which many people forget to factor in when budgeting), Quantity surveying provides a complete and accurate valuation and development costing schedule before the commencement of any building project. Quantity Surveyors also supervise a project throughout its construction to ensure that time and budget estimates are adhered to. But this is not the only service quantity surveyors provide. They are also able to produce cost effective depreciation schedules, manage progress claim certification, provide insurance evaluation, building dispute resolution, general building consulting services, and much more.

Lindsay Doyle and Associates PTY LTD offer a complete, accurate, up to date, and affordable quantity surveying consultancy service, backed with extensive local knowledge which stems from years of grounding in both the legal and physical construction sides of the industry. However, they don’t just prepare estimates and reports for new building projects. They can also advise on existing buildings, offering valuations and cost of replacement, advise on additions to existing buildings, or advise on the cost of repairs needed due to fires or storm damage.

In fact, Lindsay Doyle and Associates PTY LTD offer accurate valuation, assessment and advice on all things to do with construction.